Flexible design retainers

Design retainers are perfect for companies who need a designer to cover all their design requirements. A designer who understands their brand, and works well independently and as part of their team.

web design for luxury brand

There are several benefits from having a design retainer with me:

Cost savings:
Your costs are much lower than an in-house designer

Passion for your brand
I will be knowledgeable about your brand and your requirements

Priority service
Your design projects are prioritised

I can offer consultancy on top of design where necessary

Project management
I can assist you to build teams; (copy writers, illustraters, digital marketing experts)

Your whole team have access to a designer

What clients do get from me:

Someone who handles each project personally, even when working with a specialist on a particular project

Someone who works hard and invests a lot

Someone who values people and relationships so that if things go wrong, they get fixed fast

Someone who gives their full attention and is always contactable in office hours

Someone who believes that the best designs are born from collaborating

Someone who chooses to work with them because they care about the client’s success

Someone who knows how to code websites from scratch who can have efficient conversations with developers, saving time, misunderstanding and money

“I have worked with Keri for over 9 years. Working with Keri is hassle-free, direct correct and always within time and budget, the friendliness and speed of service is the icing on the cake.”

Yacht Architect & Designer
vitruvius website design

“Keri is a talented website designer who combines excellent designer skills with practical SEO support and advice on UX. She has created websites for us and on behalf of our clients, and works as a member of our team, coordinating website updates, copy and design changes, working with developers, and managing our email marketing in a seamless and professional service. Keri is that rare person who is both creative and pragmatic. She is always ready to push back and give valuable advice when we try to do something that she knows won’t work, and always offers us better solutions and constructive suggestions. Keri provides huge value to our business, and we highly recommend her work.”

Author and CEO Paraffin

How long is a design retainer?

I ask clients to commit to an initial 3 months.

How much is a design retainer?

The retainers vary depending on the number of days you require. I am a small agency so I am pretty flexible in the way I work with each client. We can discuss together your requirements and come to an arrangement on the number of days per month.

Can I roll hours over unused hours?

This can be more difficult. If it is a couple of hours here and there that is rarely a problem. However, when it comes to days we would need to discuss.

What is included within a retainer?

We would decide this together and it could be completely different each month. The retainer covers both print and digital. It is designed to be flexible to suit your business requirements.