I specialise in UX and UI

I worked in a UX interactive agency for 5 years specialising in design for interactives in museums and galleries. Since then I have been providing compelling designs for websites and customer dashboards. I can help you improve the user experience of your existing website or design websites from scratch.

Ux design is key to a successful website. By understanding the customer/user I can define customer journeys, which in turn makes for an enjoyable online experience. A good UX design will not only increase your conversions but it builds trust in your brand.

“Keri completely reskinned our pretty large website. She understood our business proposition and help position us visually. Keri transformed the site, improving the user experience which resulted in a much higher conversion rate. Keri’s skills go beyond design, she is a consultant who can advise on best practices and implement them. We continue to work with Keri on a regular basis.”

Tim Parker
Syntax IT

Ux design often involves user research, user flows, site maps, wireframes before the UI starts. Often this is sensitive information, which I don’t show on my site. I would welcome you to contact me if you wish to see my private portfolio.

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